ZYX allows people to understand a challenge fully, to develop penetrating insight and to contribute to the best of their abilities in order to arrive at the "good decision" and so facilitates greater success in today's difficult world.






What would better decision making mean to your organisation or to you personally?

There are so many reasons why good decision making in today’s world is incredibly difficult to achieve consistently. The challenge is getting harder, not easier! All around us we see the evidence in the form of failed initiatives, unintended consequences and surprising outcomes. Projects run over budget, fail to deliver the original objectives, deadlines are missed. Stress has become a major problem.

And so it is reasonable to consider how much training you or your organisation have received in the process of decision making. The process is all-important, it needs to incorporate best practice, be skilfully/knowledgeably designed, imaginative, flexible, well led/directed and responsive to events. As well as arriving at a decision, it should deliver greater understanding and insight, ideally giving rise to new opportunities.

ZYX provides training, facilitation and consultancy on the process of decision-making.

ZYX’s 3E Framework


ZYX’s training and consultancy are built around its proprietary ‘3E’ framework, the product of many years of effort to develop a practical, easily understood and valued, approach to decision making.

The framework enables a very wide range of topics, research and insights from the academic world, lessons from the corporate world and our own personal experiences to be brought together in a coherent manner to improve decision making. 

The framework is straightforward, simple but not simplistic, and appeals to common sense. It can form the basis of all decision making, from the trivial and quick to the highly complex and challenging. It can be used by everyone irrespective of experience, seniority and specialisation.

It incorporates three steps, understanding the problem or challenge, going beneath surface appearances to gain insight and, when the time is right, making the decision itself.

ZYX’s training, consisting of many diverse topics, underpins the 3E framework, making its use outstandingly effective. Carefully selected items from ZYX’s training, in response to the specific challenge, combine with the expertise and experiences of those involved to deliver good decisions.

The Process of Decision Making


The choices that create the decision-making process can change the outcome. But its importance goes beyond the need for good decisions…………

It is the process that leads to confidence and commitment, not the decision itself.

It is the process that leads to meeting the real needs within a challenge, not the starting point of the challenge itself. And it enables those needs to be met, informing everything that follows from the decisions taken, enabling uncertainties, both threats and opportunities, that remain outstanding to be addressed and surprises avoided.

It is the process that engages people, improves morale, enables those involved to develop their skills, to work with greater purpose and be appreciated.

The Benefits


Whether you are looking to increase your top or bottom line, make important investment decisions, enhance an organisation's decision-making capability or simply improve staff morale, ZYX's 3E framework and training can be expected to make a positive difference to your business.

The potential benefits are many, enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and senior management, anyone engaged in or contributing to the making of non-trivial decisions.

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